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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  April 11, 2015 7:55pm-8:01pm EDT

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because of warrant had gone after him because he had failed to appear before a court a court to explain why he was not paying child support. the image of a society is the people who don't pay child support are of people who are trying to dodge the responsibilities, but there are many who basically mr. court date because he didn't have the money and because he didn't actually receive the notification on a timely basis. but the bureaucratic structure immediately when after under the assumption that he was failing to fulfill his parental obligation. the dramatic and ironic aspect of this life in that respect is that he was actually taken to jail even as she was trying to get a job that would allow him to pay child support payments.
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for him for him being able to pay child support would have been a wonderful thing because that is what he wanted to do. it would have given him a greater sense that he was of filling his manly responsibilities. the world is not perfect. i i get it. the rules and regulations are often not in sync with what is happening with people at the ground level or to put it differently vertical institutions inspired by liberal values helping the poor but they are vertical institutions trying to deal with horizontal problems. i just plagiarized that. >> host: the heroes fight is the name of the book. african-americans in west baltimore and the shadow state. sociologist patricia fernandez-kelly. this is book tv on c-span2. >> guest: thank you. thank you very much.
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>> every weekend book tv offers programming focused on nonfiction authors and books. keep watching for more here on c-span2. watch watch any of our past programs online at book tv -- >> did not grow up with astronaut dreams. back then the job was simply not available. in may of 1951 the united states space program was a men's club white men's club restricted the fighter pilots a military men. a few women who did apply and keep in mind we have a lot of very qualified women pilots out of world war ii all of these were summarily rejected. ..
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she considered turning pro. in fact she dropped out of college for a few months to give it a try. when she realized she would never be the elite of the elite and that's all that sally ride would have settled for, she
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decided that was not the place you need it to be. years later when she would be asked what it was that it had stopped her from a tennis career sally always said wistfully my forehand. but it never stopped her forward progress. when tennis didn't work out she pivoted into science, went back to stanford went up to stanford university for undergraduate and their masters under dr. and civics. i should point out let's say she was not an underachiever. she was a double english and physics major when she was an undergraduate. in fact sally was in the midst of writing her postgraduate school application one morning in 1977 january 1977, when she wakes up in the morning and she goes to the stanford student union to get a coffee and a sweet roll to wake up before class. she picks up the stanford daily and never gets beyond the front page.
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the headline was just above the fold. it read license to recruit women. sally's teacher had just dropped into her lap -- into her lap.


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